"One point that strung a chord with me was the point that you made that even my spouse should not be on my priority list--that when my priority is Christ only, HE creates a beautiful marriage. Also, understanding that everything that happens in my relationship with my spouse, and my relationship with the Lord, is all part of the journey, so there is no reason to become anxious."

-Kelsey, some of her thoughts from the MarriedLIFe Retreat 2011


"In the Spring of 2010, Colonial Hills was blessed to host Matt and Dani Smith for a Marriage Conference. The comment I heard time and again, was that Christ communicated through Matt and Dani in a way that set apart their teaching and discipleship on marriage from anything our families had heard. Matt and Dani bring to the table an honest, Scriptural approach to living life in Christ and allowing Christ to live His life in and through you. Their authentic testimony combined with their understanding of the truth of God's Word allows Christ to work through them to provide an environment where people can dig into what it means to find your identity in Christ.

What I appreciated most was the manner in which Matt and Dani easily engaged with our people, providing simple, practical tools for couples to use on a daily basis. A lot of material sounds good in theory, but fails the test of reality. Matt and Dani's materials were refreshing, but not new, because everything came straight out of Scripture. What our families learned during the conference, they're still using on a daily basis months later.

Christ spoke clearly through Matt and Dani to help many of our families take their first steps towards believing who they really are in Christ and away from the lies they were believing about themselves."

-Nate Murray, Pastor to Families at CHBC Tyler, TX


"The concepts Matt and Dani presented were fresh and unlike any other marriage retreat I've ever been to. I appreciate the fact that everything was based on the Bible and that we weren't given false hopes that our marriages would become perfect after our experience with you. The bottom line for me was that I can't change my spouse, but through God's wisdom, I can change myself and my expectations of what marriage should be...You guys hit the nail on the head and I think everyone appreciated your approach to living in freedom.



"We've been to a few marrige conferences in the past, but I believe this is the first one that truly got to the heart of the matter...the only one that was truly life changing. I appreciate your ministry VERY much."