“I am always amazed how God uses Matt to speak to me in a special way. He takes a unique perspective and delivers God’s Word in a relevant way. Through his teaching, Matt reveals his heart and shows his desire to be continually transformed by the Holy Spirit. He has challenged me to seek God’s purpose and daily find my identity in Christ. God has annointed Matt and prepared him to do great things for His kingdom.



“Matt's sermon was such a blessing! God has given him a gift for communicating His truths in a vivid and positive way that impresses hearts such as mine. I have carried that message of God being a God of hope and peace and joy with me for days now and have enjoyed the Lord so much because of it."



“I have been a Christian for 24 years. God has led me through so many things in my walk with Him, yet at times it is hard for me to REST in Him. What a wonderful blessing I received a couple of weeks ago when Matt spoke at our church and reminded us that God's plan is for us to LIVE in His HOPE, PEACE AND JOY! God is just waiting to hear us say "I give up!" Because, when we do, He can open up the true blessing of ABUNDANT LIFE that He has planned for us already. Matt pointed out that we spend so much time "waiting" until our circumstances change before we think we can be happy, when all along God is right there with the answer to our circumstances...."Stop, Give Up - Give it to Me! I am a trustworthy God and I am in control!" I pray that my life and the lives of all who hear God's Word will never be the same again."



“This material influenced my life in an amazing way. What I loved about it most, was its deeply rooted scriptural focus, and how it penetrates to the core of who we are. While studying the scripture, this material led me to reestablish my identity in Christ rather than the things of this world. It is applicable to the issues that every Christian struggles with and yet rarely has the strength or courage to deal with. This information covered in this study will bring those to the surface and assist one in dealing rather than suppressing. I am very thankful that I spent the time in this study and my life will never be the same."

-Chris Bradford, Youth Pastor in Texas


“My thirteen year-old daughter studied this material with Dani in their youth group. The first thing I noticed was that she was actually doing the homework and her Bible was always open beside her nightstand! She was genuinely excited about what she was learning and often shared some of her readings or answers with me. Since the study has ended, it is obvious to me that my daughter has a new security and a new sense of who she is in God. She knows what she believes and in whom she believes. She is bold in her faith and she shares her knowledge with others.”

-Kristy, Youth Mom and Youth Worker


“I can honestly say that this material taught me more about my relationship with Christ than any other study I have ever done. It was not just a study but a transformation of how I looked at life according to Christ and who He really is to me and in me! I have continued to reap the blessings in the lessons I learned. They are not always easy lessons, but truly God doing what it takes to get me to Him. To daily rely on Him and the Holy Spirit for guidance in everything, not just those things I want to ask Him to be in! When our teenagers began this material, I saw them truly begin to break through some of the barriers they had put up between God and themselves. They have continued to learn and continued to know what God is in their lives. They are teenagers and do not always make the choices we want for them, but after going through this material, I have seen them at least stop and think about what the choice means to them and begin to see what God wants in their lives! I wholeheartedly recommend that you pray about having this study and ministry in your church. It will change lives!”

-Amy , High School Counselor and Youth Worker for 9 years